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سهراب اخوان

Sohrab Akhavan

Writer, Producer, Film and Digital Photographer
, Videotographer, and Film Editor

He started his media career while still in high school as a Master of Ceremony with Iranian Television. Later he became more interested in production aspect of the media and continued his Directing and Production education with BBC (England), ORTF (France), MBC (Malaysia), DW (Germany), and MSU (Michigan, USA).

Sohrab has produced more than 300 hours of TV productions and has won many awards for his work. Currently in addition to managing FilmeXmedia, he produces his radio and TV shows in Los Angeles.

His popular radio show is One Spoon of Sugar which airs every Wednesday at 9:12 PM PT (LA time) on 670AM KIRN.



نكته ها






Sohrab's Video
Clips On






Sohrab also produces and hosts the following popular television talk show:


انديشه ها


Monday 6:00-7:30 PM PT (LA Time)
1st Repeat Tuesday 5:00-6:30 AM PT (LA Time)
2nd Repeat Sunday 7:00-8:30 AM PT (LA Time)


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